Rehabilitative Equine Therapy for Disabled Adults in New York, NY

Whether you’ve had a disability your whole life or have recently acquired one, Equestria® New York Therapeutic Riding Center has a program for you. Our professionally trained team guides participants like you through specially tailored equine therapy for disabled adults in New York, NY. Each program we offer takes your specific physical, cognitive, or emotional disability into account, providing structured and safe interactions with beautiful and serene horses. By doing so, we can address the unique challenges you face and wish to conquer. For example, the Equestria® Therapeutic Riding Program for Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis has shown impressive results in improving balance, minimizing fatigue, and reducing pain for adults with this condition.

Thanks to the success of our programs, physicians and physical therapists at major New York City hospitals use Equestria® New York Therapeutic Riding Center to rehabilitate patients with multiple sclerosis. There are endless horse riding benefits for disabled adults who are looking to improve their abilities and further their equine education. Give our team a call to learn more about our programs.

Horse Therapy Programs for Adults of All Ages

From young adults who have recently reached the majority age to senior citizens, Equestria® is open to everyone. We even offer options for veterans to help them recover from medical conditions they may be dealing with as a result of their service.