Educational Equine Therapy for Disabled Children in New York, NY

Equestria® New York Therapeutic Riding Center works with children of all ages, providing them with guided horseback riding instruction. We fully believe in the power horseback riding has on children with physical, cognitive, or emotional sensitives. We encourage parents to educate themselves on the long history of equine therapy for disabled children in New York, NY.

Horse therapy for special needs children can have long-lasting impacts on their lives, making it an excellent investment early on. And the opportunities don’t have to end when they grow up because we also offer programs for adults.

Equestria® Special Program for Children with Autism

This specific program was established in 2007 to meet the unique needs and challenges that autism can present. Our program has helped countless kids with autism improve their functioning over the past 13 years. Specific benefits of this program and others include:

  • Promoting Communication Skills and Verbalization
  • Improving Social Interaction Abilities
  • Increasing Confidence and Self-esteem
  • Improving Balance, Posture, Coordination, and Mobility

Horse Care and Education Classes

These are the most important component of our program’s activities. In horse care classes, students participate in all aspects of maintaining these animals’ health. They groom and bathe, feed, tack up, and walk horses. The education classes teach students about the parts, various breeds, and history of horses. This empowers them to participate in our therapeutic horse riding for disabled children safely.